Congo Norvell - the Last Word

Congo Norvell

the Last Word

Abnormals Anonymous


"Never had so desperate a group of human beings banded together…"*

 following their unreleased ‘96 masterpiece “The Dope, The Lies, The Vaseline, ” Congo Norvell’s last album is a delightfully depraved send-off…featuring American Music Club’s Mark Eitzel on several tracks (including on a great slow-buring cover of Powers’ former band The Gun Club’s “She’s Like Heroin to Me”), it’ll make ya wanna drink, smoke, and be generally debauched (in a good way)…this album is so kool, the cover is readymade & lifted from a 1964 trashy pulp of the same name, and the artwork and design has a “novel approach” - something that I always dig!


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Humpday with The Cramps…reposty expatriate edition - cuz this song is pretty much on constant rotation in my mental jukebox

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the Cocktail Block.

Pink neon tikis, red maraschino cherries, orange peels, and green sprigs of's always happy hour at the lavendar luau


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